The Best Top Entry Litter Box For Cats (2021 Reviews)

Many are skeptical about the concept of the best top entry litter box. But as you get accustomed to its use, you will start to appreciate what a difference it makes to your daily life as a cat owner.

For one, a top entry litter box prevents cats from making the “doo and dash” habit, as they are forced to jump and land on the roof. By taking a short pause, the textured roof captures a large percentage of dust and debris caught by your cat’s paws. Consequently, it helps stop litter from tracking through your floors.

Also, the best top entry litter box does more than concealing unsightly contents. If you have a cat who makes weird poses while peeing, the best top entry litter box ensures all messes are contained inside. Because of its design, it also keeps curious canines and children at bay.

The following top entry litter boxes are the market leaders in terms of function and price.

Petmate Arm & Hammer Top Entry Cat Litter Box – Editor’s Pick

Scooping clumped litter from the litter box is not a fun exercise. You are forced to bend down each time and scoop the clumps with a plastic ladle. At the same time, you pray to the cat goddess Bastet that the litter will not fall and create a nasty mess across the floor!

To avoid all these struggles, you may start considering the Arm & Hammer Top Entry Litter Box. This litter box comes with a latched lid that flips to the side for fast and easy cleaning. You won’t have to remove the whole cover to clean. The lid latches on tightly, making it difficult for naughty dogs to rummage inside for snacks.

With a flat bottom, the soiled litter will not get caught in unnecessary and difficult crevices. The interior is also smooth, which makes it a breeze to wash and wipe away stains. There are also small holes on the top lid to reduce stuffiness inside the litter box.

As the name suggests, Petmate and Arm & Hammer work in collaboration to create the best top entry litter box for cats. If you are a patron of Arm & Hammer, you are probably aware of their cleaning prowess.

Aside from the durability and design of the product, we laud its odor-absorbing abilities, as well. Adding to that is the antimicrobial lining of the box that helps reduce the build-up of bacteria. Given all these features, my team and I determine that the best top entry litter box for cats is no other than the Petmate Arm & Hammer Litter Box.

Furthermore, this unit measures 20 x 15 x 15 inches. The opening is large enough for a 17-pound cat to enter with ease.

Features antimicrobial and odor-absorbing qualitiesThe box would have been perfect if it comes in eye-candy colors
The top lid latches on securely and flips to the side for swift cleanings
Sturdy construction with a solid bottom
Spacious enough for large feline breeds

IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box – Runner Up

This particular product by IRIS is the best top entry litter box if your criteria are style and value. It looks pretty, in my opinion, and its design makes it rather unnoticeable. I also like that it comes in a range of different color schemes.

The lid comes with deep grooves, which provide traction and help pull any litter your kitty may have caught in its paws. As a result, there is little chance for your kitty to scatter across the floor. Adding to that is a hook to hang the scooper sideways.

While the rounded design is pleasant to look at, it makes scooping a little difficult if the debris gets stuck in the corners. Nevertheless, the interior is easy to wipe down and wash.

The litter box measures 20 x 16 x 14 inches at its widest and has an opening of 10.5 x 9 inches. Big or small, any cat can access or exit the box with ease. The best part is that all plastic components are sturdy and BPA-free, making it safe to use in the long term.

Suitable for kittens and older catsThe bottom area gets narrower
The grooved lid provides traction and reduces litter trackingThe rounded corners make it difficult to scrape off stuck debris
Made with sturdy, BPA-free materials
Features a modern design that comes in various color schemes to match a contemporary-themed home

Petmate Hooded Top Entry Cat Litter Box – Best For Budget

This particular Petmate product is the best top entry litter box in terms of budget. Hence, it is also no surprise that it is also among the most popular. You don’t get the luxuries of a removable liner, but you can’t expect fancy features at this price point.

The selling feature of this litter box is tied to the fact that it doesn’t allow busybodies to access the box. The opening is small enough to keep nosy toddlers and dogs but is large enough for cats to enter or exit with ease.

This unit measures 20 x 15 x 15 inches. Safe and eco-friendly, this litter box is made of 95% recyclable materials. So, not only is this great for your darling feline, but it also benefits our planet.

Although this litter box may not be the snazziest-looking one in this list, its simple but durable design should last for an extended period. The box will keep the mess inside the unit even if your cat buries its business into its heart’s content. Likewise, the non-slip lid features a grated design to help capture stray pieces of litter from your cat’s paws.

If you are looking for the best budget-friendly litter box, the Petmate Hooded Top Entry Cat Litter Box might just be the one for you.

Very affordableIt looks very plain
Made with 95% recyclable materials
The opening is small enough to keep nosy parkers at bay
Large and durable

Nature’s Miracle Top Entry Litter Box

I find Nature’s Miracle Top Entry Litter Box looking rather funny, but many cat owners swear that this litter box has changed their lives. So, I guess the concept behind its creative works.

According to the manufacturer, the unit measures 25.5 x 8.8 x 20 inches, providing a commodious commode for your feline companion. However, one reviewer actually made an extra effort to measure the litter box. It turns out that it measures 20 inches deep, not eight if you include the cover.

Moreover, the manufacturer claims that the litter box comes with antimicrobial protection to inhibit odors. Whether that’s an exaggeration or not, many reviewers have happily expressed that this box kitty commode does not reek of fetid odors, unlike others.

One more plus, the top grate assists in capturing litter from your cat’s paws before it jumps off. However, some reviewers did manage to find a fault for this unit. According to some owners, the latches feel cheap and unstable. With fingers crossed, let us hope that Nature’s Miracle will address this problem soon. Perhaps, they will add a more robust latch and have the lid hinged for hassle-free cleanings.

Huge and deepThe latches need improvement
Has a non-stick easy-to-clean interior surfaceThe rounded corners make it hard to scrape off stuck debris
Includes a scoop and caddy
Lined with an antimicrobial film to help reduce odor-causing bacteria

Favorite 25″ Large Top Entry Cat Litter Box

This litter box also shares the same design as Nature’s Miracle. Similar to the latter, you can use it as a top entry litter box or a regular one if you remove the cover.

The top is see-through, which means it also provides your cat the opportunity to scan its surroundings for approaching dogs or children. Likewise, the lid is grated to minimize litter tracking. If your cat tends to just take off at lightning speed after burying its poop, it will be forced to jump and take a pause.

The unit measures 25 x 19.5 x 16.5 inches, which makes it a tad smaller than Nature’s Miracle. However, that can be a positive or a negative, depending on your needs. Regardless, it is large enough to accommodate two cats’ worth of litter and waste.

Suitable for two catsDoesn’t have an antimicrobial liner
Doubles as a regular litter boxThe rounded corners make it cumbersome to scrape off stuck debris
Deep enough to deter other pets
Comes with a transparent cover

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box – Best Premium Litter Box

If you are a busy cat owner, chances are that you dream of having automated food and water dispensers, as well as a self-cleaning litter box, like the ScoopFree Ultra Top. This litter box is the way to go if you are looking for the best top entry litter box that money can buy!

This product is by far the most convenient litter box in the market, but that doesn’t mean it is without fault. As expected of a premium product, its biggest downside is the price tag and maintenance costs. This litter box is only compatible with the company’s proprietary silica litter and trays. So, how does this litter box justify its price?

This litter box promises you will never have to deal with funky smells in your home ever again. Nor should you be able to see or touch your cat’s works of art. The litter absorbs urine exceptionally well, while the waste receptacle keeps soiled bedding sealed off under a lid. The cardboard tray also has a lip over the waste receptacle, guaranteeing minimal waste interaction whenever you pull the tray out.

Take note that you need to set the unit near a power outlet because it needs to be plugged in order to work. With the automatic sensor on, it can detect each time your cat enters the litter box. Twenty minutes is the default run delay of the cleaning rake, but you can also set the sensor to run five or ten minutes after your cat exits.

The automatic cleaning rake eliminates the need to scoop out soiled litterOne of the most expensive top entry litter box
Guarantees minimal waste interaction during disposalCompatible only with the company’s proprietary silica crystals and cardboard trays
Effectively contains foul odors
Comes with an adjustable timer

How To Pick The Best Top Entry Litter Box For Cats

If you are a cat owner, the best top entry litter box should be on top of your to-do list. Cat owners who are under the wrong impression that litter boxes are the same surely have not enjoyed the perks brought by such a convenient supply.

Our dandy felines also look for specific features for their comfort room.

Size Matters

The size of the litter box is a key factor to consider before making a purchase. Science has yet to crack the truth behind why cats love to squeeze themselves into tiny spaces. But when it comes to their toilet, cats prefer theirs to be large and roomy.

A large litter box allows your cat to position itself comfortably. As you may already know, our feline companions portray different traits when it comes to peeing. The best top entry litter box should allow your kitty to dig and move around without coming across clumps due to previous visits.

To find the right size of the litter box, you need to measure your cat beforehand. The length of the box should be length of your cat from the nose to the tip of the tail when extended. Likewise, the width of the box should be at least the length of your cat measured from the nose to the base of the tail when not extended.

Choose The Height Of The Box Accordingly

How tall is the best top entry litter box? The personality and medical condition of your whiskered friend will dictate the height of the box.

If your kitty is a litter kicker or a pee spritzer with a bad aim, you will need a box that is tall enough to reduce damages caused by these unpleasant habits. The best top entry litter box for these types of kitties should be 8 to 12 inches high. Likewise, the box must have at least three sides to prevent waste or litter from hitting walls.

As you pay great consideration for the height of the litter box, you should also bear in mind that your cat needs to get in and out easily. Older cats with mobility issues, like arthritis, will be thankful to you if their litter box has at least one low side, A single entry/exit measuring 2 to 4 inches should provide balance while still containing the litter in the box.

Covered Vs. Uncovered: Which Is The Best Top Entry Litter Box

Covered or “hooded” litter boxes are becoming more popular because they provide many perks that serve the needs of cat owners. For one, it traps odors and prevents them from spreading. A covered box also keeps the floor around it clean, especially if your cat digs out its litter excessively.

Also, some cat owners assume that a covered litter box would provide their feline companions with privacy. The truth is that cats do not show partiality to a certain type of litter box. But as with most things, there are advantages and disadvantages to each product.

There is no definite answer to which type of litter box is better. So, feel free to choose either way.

Consider The Number Of Boxes That You Need

A good rule of thumb is to buy an extra litter box. If you have three cats, you should purchase four litter boxes and so on.


Petmate’s Arm & Hammer Top Entry Litter Box is the clear winner when you consider the price, durability, size, and ease of cleaning.

This particular litter box meets the specifications that define the best top entry litter box. A lot of satisfied cat owners swear by this cat litter box, saying that it certainly hits the nail with the hammer!

Best of all, this product offers the antimicrobial properties that Arm & Hammer is notable for. This litter box also guarantees your cat protection from all sides. The design deters dogs and children from accessing the box.

That being the case, your kitty will feel relaxed each time it goes into its comfort room.

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