The Best Dust-Free Cat Litters For 2021

I would have never thought that I would be rummaging the market for the best dust-free cat litter at some point in my life, but that is just the tip of the iceberg once you become a pet owner. But of all the products offered, why should we opt for the best dust-free cat litter?

Any family with a cat can benefit from a dust-free litter, and you should consider this choice if anyone from your home suffers from a nasal allergy or a chronic respiratory ailment. There are potential health risks when humans breathe in dust, and that applies as much to our feline companions.

According to Cornell University, litter dust is an asthma-causing agent; inhaling it can coat the lungs of your feline, which in turn can lead to respiratory issues.

So, we looked at scented, unscented, clay, silica, and biodegradable litters so that you have a wide range of options to pick from. The following products should help keep dust and tracking low. Hopefully, you can find something that is compatible with you and your cat’s needs.

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter – Editor’s Pick

The Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter is a front-runner whether you are on the lookout for the best dust-free cat litter or the best cat litter for odor control.

This cat litter features a soft sand-like consistency that our whiskered friends prefer. Also known as Micro-Granules, these moisture-activated particles instantly react to wetness. The fast clumping action seals in foul odors before they spread.

It won’t take long for the clumps to harden like rocks. Once they do, whatever excess will come apart and fall back to the litter box. It is highly efficient, wasting little to none. Best of all, the litter prevents the urine from running down to the bottom of the pan.

Meanwhile, Arm & Hammer’s world-famous baking soda will neutralize odor-causing bacteria. When used as directed, this cat litter will stay odor-free for up to seven days.

Likewise, this cat litter is famously well-received by cat owners with environmental allergies, like asthma. The zero-dust formula ensures the litter doesn’t create a dust of cloud during transport and application. Reviewers also love that the ultra-fine litter rarely sticks in the paws of their pets.

Zero-dust formula and low tractionOthers may find it expensive
Utilizes Arm & Hammer’s world-famous baking soda for superior odor control, plus antibacterial and antimicrobial properties
Immediately forms rock-solid clumps and prevents the urine from permeating through the litter
Ideal for multi-cat households

World’s Best Clumping Cat Litter – Runner Up

The manufacturer is quite bold for naming themselves the “World’s Best,” and rightly so, their products aren’t far off from being right. This particular litter has received a stamp of approval from countless vets, pet experts, and cat owners alike.

If you are leery of chemicals, the World’s Best would be a fantastic option for you because this product is crafted using whole-kernel corn. Hence, it is biodegradable, and it doesn’t emit offensive chemical smells.

The World’s Best is lightweight, and it clumps particularly well. Very absorbent, each trickle forms a clump. You also have the option to break the clumps into smaller pieces so they can fit into the scoop.

The hardened litter can be a challenge to remove from the sides or bottom of the pan due to its outstanding clumping abilities. So, it is important to keep enough litter in the pan.

The minute particles can still glue themselves in your cat’s paws, but because they are so light, they quickly fall out on a mat. The best part is that the litter does not create a dusty cloud. What’s more, the litter is septic-safe. You can flush it down in the toilet, which saves you time from bagging and disposing of your pet’s business.

While the manufacturer claims that this particular product is unscented, it smells of sawdust but not in a way that you can sense it from the hallway. The only drawback is that the litter box will reek of urine and stools until the litter can fully clump onto the wastes.

The upfront cost is more expensive compared to other products, but this litter requires less refilling. Therefore, it is cheaper in the long run. If you are willing to sacrifice odor protection for convenience, the World’s Best Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter is the best dust-free cat litter for you.

Crafted using whole corn kernel, making it eco-friendly Takes some time to absorb and neutralize strong odors
Lightweight and highly absorbent
Forms tight clumps that are septic-safe
Suitable for multi-cat homes

Purina Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance Cat Litter – Best Value For Money

The Purina Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance Cat Litter is a worthy consideration if your pet peeve includes a cat walking litter through the house. This clumping litter is clay-based, so it is low tracking. You will not find litter pieces scattered all over your home. However, its performance doesn’t stop there!

As the name hints, this cat litter provides round-the-clock protection against odors. Its formula is designed to lock in smells brought by ammonia, urine, and feces to keep your home smelling clean and fresh. Likewise, its dust-free formula helps keep retain the air quality of your home. No dust also means fewer cleanups.

Although it doesn’t clump quite as well as the Arm & Hammer, which we rated as the best dust-free cat litter, it clumps a lot faster than the majority. The litter is also fine in texture and its scent is subtle enough not to put the cat off.

Reviewers praise this product for making cleanups hassle-free.

Purina Yesterday’s News Cat Litter – Best Biodegradable/Natural Litter

If you are looking for the best dust-free cat litter that is made with 100% natural materials, Purina Yesterday’s News Cat Litter is the one for you. This cat litter is crafted using sustainably sourced paper, making it completely biodegradable and septic-safe. It doesn’t contain any additives, like perfumes, that might irritate you or your kitty.

Although this litter doesn’t clump, its pellets are three times more absorbent than regular clay, says Yesterday’s News. Using this litter may require you to change and clean your kitty’s litter box more frequently, but you can guarantee that your kitty’s litter is non-toxic. Another advantage is that you won’t be scraping the bottom of the pan when you change the litter.

Most importantly, the biodegradable paper pellets are great for cats with respiratory ailments and skin allergies because it’s dust-free. Besides being dust-free, these pellets won’t track around the house and are also commonly recommended for cats post-surgery who need a litter that’s gentle and won’t contaminate their wounds.

Features a biodegradable formula sourced from recycled paper, making it 100% safeNo clumping ability
Dust-free and low trackingMay require more frequent cleanups due to its inferior odor-trapping ability
Gentle on sensitive paws
No added perfumes and is highly absorbent

Ultra Micro Crystals Cat Litter – Best Dust-Free Silica Beads

The Ultra Micro Crystals cat litter is made with micro silica gel beads that give the litter its soft sand-like consistency. This product is a lot more expensive than the majority of litters, but buyers who have used these, do rate them very highly. Given its base material, it is 100% dust-free.

The litter sucks out every bit of moisture from wastes, sealing putrid odors for many days. Bear in mind that it is not an excuse to leave out your kitty’s litter box because the crystals won’t be concealing your kitty’s little brown turds. As for cleanup, you just need to rake out and dispose of the used crystals. You will know which ones to rake out since they will turn yellow.

100% dust-freeCan be very expensive
The beads absorb 40 times its weightFor single-cat use only
Soft and sand-like
No added fragrance

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Multi-Cat Strength

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Multi-Cat Strength is a long-time favorite among cat owners, and for many good reasons

Although the litter is somewhat heavy to carry and difficult to scoop, it molds and holds wastes extremely well. Soiled litter forms into rock-solid balls. These balls don’t crumble, making this litter ideal for sifting or mechanical litter boxes.

Thanks to its swift clumping action, moisture will not reach the bottom of the litter box. You won’t be spending precious time scraping up hardened litter in the bottom surface.

Aside from the 99.9% dust-free rating it promises, its formula also reduces the amount of tracking that may happen as your cat leaves the litter box. As the name hints, its formula caters to multiple cats, but still, I recommend replenishing and cleaning the bedding a little more frequently.

If you can’t stand synthetic scents and clouds of dust, this hypoallergenic litter is for you. On the downside, this litter is not a likely victor in the competition to combat stubborn odors. Nevertheless, it does a decent job of containing them for a while.

Features a hypoallergenic formula; no dust and fragranceMakes gigantic clumps that are often hard to scoop
Fast clumping action
Low tracking
Ideal for mechanical litter boxes

Boxiecat Scent-Free Clumping Cat Litter

The Boxiecat Scent-Free Clumping Cat Litter is the go-to choice for cat owners who are looking for a vet-recommended litter. This litter forms robust clumps, making litter care quick and hassle-free. We also like that the clumps are a reasonable size, not gigantic as Dr. Elsey’s.

Thanks to its fast clumping action, urine will not permeate into the bottom of the pan. The litter only clumps on the top and so, it doesn’t waste litter.

Although the product’s formulation is scent-free, it doesn’t affect its ability to neutralize odors. So, don’t sweat it if you forgot to clean up your kitty’s litter box. No one can smell the box, unless of course, you don’t clean it after a few days.

Along with a 99.9% dust-free rating, the granules of the Boxiecat are fine and soft on a cat’s sensitive paws.

Vet-recommended formulaSome reviewers complained of heavy tracking and cats eating the litter
Dust-free and low tracking
Unscented yet it absorbs odors well
Forms reasonably sized and unbreakable clumps

Ever Clean Extra-Strength Unscented Cat Litter

Clearly deserving a spot on our list, this cat litter is formulated to be tough on odors without relying on synthetic perfumes. Instead of masking smells, the Ever Clean Extra-Strength Unscented Cat Litter uses activated charcoal to establish a potent antimicrobial-fighting base.

The activated charcoal impedes the odor-causing bacteria and neutralizes ammonia. According to the manufacturer, this product provides up to 10 days of odor control. While it is tough on odors, you can guarantee its formulation is easy on the nose.

Many reviewers are also impressed by the high-absorption capacity of this litter. The strong clumping action is also impressive. The litter clumps hard so that the remaining litter is fresh and clean after you scoop.

While it is a bit on the pricey side, it makes clean-ups almost enjoyable. Your kitty will also love how easy the litter is on its paws.

Uses activated charcoal to combat odor-causing bacteriaOne of the most expensive options
Eliminates odors exceptionally well without the need for synthetic scents
Soft fine texture and low tracking
High-absorption capacity and quick clumping action

Nature’s Miracle Intense Defense Cat Litter

The Nature’s Miracle Intense Defense Cat Litter gives you the freedom from inhaling dust every time you pour litter or clean your cat’s litter box. Its outstanding ability to eliminate stubborn odors is also one of the reasons why we consider this product in our list.

If you own multiple cats, you really should give this cat litter a shot, especially if you have territorial males who use the same pan. The cat litter is fast-acting; thereby, it eliminates scent markings right off the bat. Best of all, it eradicates stubborn smells caused by feces.

Many are extremely happy with the quality of the Nature’s Miracle Intense Defense Cat Litter. After all, this top-quality litter is from a well-respected brand. This cat delivers if you are looking for a low-dust formula.

Unfortunately, this litter doesn’t clump as well as the others. But for the price, it is a good buy. You can’t ask for much more in this litter.

Low-dust formulaDoesn’t clump as hard as its competitors
Eliminates odors caused by urine and feces
Suitable for multi-cat homes

Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping Cat Litter

The Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Clumping Cat Litter is made with walnut shells. It is free of fragrances that may irritate sensitive noses, and because it is made of renewable ingredients, this litter is easy on the environment.

Moreover, this walnut-based litter clumps tightly for easy scooping of both liquid and solid wastes. To keep the litter box smelling fresh and clean, it harnesses the odor-neutralizing power and absorption ability from the fibrous walnut shells.

While this litter may produce almost no dust, it does track and the dark brown color of the granules makes it difficult to identify waste material in the litter box.

Eco-friendly formula Tracks a little
Free of fragrances and other irritantsThe brown color of the walnut particles makes it easy to spot across floors

How To Pick The Best Dust-Free Cat Litter

Materials Used

When choosing the best dust-free cat litter, the base material is among the first things to consider. You have three options to choose from: clay, silica, and natural litters.

Clay-based litters are the jocks in the world of cat litters. These litters are popular because they often strike the right balance between convenience and value for the money. But depending on the formula, they may be or may not be entirely dust-free.

If you prefer a clay-based litter, be sure it has a high dust-free rating. Even if the manufacturer claims that it has 99% – 100% dust-rating, there will still be a little dust in there due to the friction caused by transportation.

Silica-based litters, on the other hand, are designed to be 100% dust-free. Hence, it is worth considering changing to or at least trying out this type of litter. The only tradeoff is the price.

Lastly, we have biodegradable litters. Natural-based litters are growing in popularity as more cat owners are going green. These litters have a lot less dust compared to the majority of clay-based litters.

But if you want the litter to be absolutely dust-free, it would be best to make the move to something recycled paper litter.


You want to make sure the size, shape, and consistency of the litter is in accordance with your cat’s preference. The maternal ancestors of our feline companions hailed from the Middle Eastern desserts. So, it is no surprise that our domesticated kitties prefer the soft sand-like consistency of some litters.

Ease Of Cleaning

Of course, you want to consider how easy it is to scoop the litter and how fast it saturates. Different formulas dictate how often you should be washing your cat’s litter box.

Clumping Vs. Non-Clumping

While clay litters work on the same principles, there are two main types of commercially produced cat litters: clumping and non-clumping.

The non-clumping variety uses calcium bentonite as its main component, while the clumping variety uses sodium bentonite. A non-clumping cat litter works by absorbing its weight in fluid until it reaches its saturation point where it needs to be replaced.

The main difference between a non-clumping cat litter versus a clumping litter is that the latter clumps together when it comes in contact with moisture, followed by binding the moisture within the clump. Therefore, a litter box filled with clumping litter would require less frequent cleaning.

Also, a clumping litter is more capable of absorbing more than just animal waste. However, don’t let these abilities wow you into forgetting other factors. The most important consideration should be your cat’s unique preference.

However, not all clumping cat litter clumps in the same way. Some products are designed to create small clumps, while others produce large clumps. Likewise, some brands designed their products to clump extremely quickly, while others require you to wait a little, lest the clumps will crumble.

Scent And Odor Control

You can purchase cat litters in scented and unscented variants. Some cat owners give fragrances a brush off, but sometimes it does a lot to help mask the fetid smells of urine and feces, especially if you are using a non-clumping cat litter.

Clumping cat litter, on the other hand, provides better odor control. Some brands even go beyond and offer other mechanisms for fighting stubborn odors. Take note that scent and odor control vary greatly. The latter refers to the litter’s ability to lock odors immediately.

An extraordinary example is the Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum, which uses their patented baking soda to defeat odor-causing bacteria. That is why we rated this product as our best dust-free cat litter.


The majority of cat litters create dusty clouds every time you pour out some into the litter pan. Regardless of whether the litters are clay-based or natural, they can irritate the lungs and even trigger inflammation. Even if your cat may seem affected by the dust, you or anyone from your family who is predisposed to asthma will suffer if you breathe these allergens in.

That is why we urge you to choose the Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum. This litter hits all the main points to consider when looking for the best dust-free cat litter. With the help of baking soda, it eliminates odors exceptionally well. The result is clean, fresh air! And without the residual dust floating around, there’s less cleaning to do.

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