The Best Dental Treats For Cats (2021 Reviews)

There are a couple of ways we can go about improving the dental health of our feline companions, and the best dental treats for cats are among them. Despite our best efforts, our furry pals will never appreciate our endeavors to brush their teeth. Tooth brushing could have been the best way to maintain our pets’ oral health, but sometimes it is ineffective if our pets aren’t cooperating.

That is why the best dental treats for cats come in handy. Dental chews have the potential to help keep plaque and tartar at bay when formulated appropriately for such tasks. These goodies come in various flavors, shapes, and sizes so that they appeal even to choosy kitties.

The best dental treats for cats will not suffice, but adding them to your feline’s diet can play an integral part in promoting oral health. As a loving and responsible pet guardian, it is your duty to make the right decisions for your furry family member.

Feline Greenies Natural Dental Care Cat Treats – Editor’s Pick

Seventy percent of cats suffer from dental disease by the time they reach three years old, and the problem tends to worsen as they age. Unfortunately, our pompous felines have a knack for concealing pain. You can only guess that they are in serious discomfort when the problem escalates.

So, kick things off by giving your feline companion only the best dental treats for cats!

Greenies are notable for their vet-recommended pet treats, and these goodies are a part of a family of products that have been accepted by the Veterinary Oral Health Council.

The Greenies we looked at comes in salmon, tuna, and roasted chicken flavors. Aside from its variety of flavors, we also like that it offers vitamins and minerals to help improve the general health of our whiskered friends. The irregular-shaped treats also provide plenty of crunchy edges for your cat to clean its teeth on.

These dental treats are formulated for one-year-old cats and older, so be sure to follow the feeding guidelines stated on the package. The fine print will let you know how many pieces your cat can have per day depending on its weight.

For instance, the recommended daily dosage for a mature cat is up to 18 treats. While that sounds excessive, it is due to the small size of each treat. Each piece is less than 1.5 calories, making it a guilt-free snack.

Many reviewers reported significant improvements in their felines’ dental hygiene ever since they started feeding them these Greenies. These goodies are also effective as rewards for good behavior.

This product comes in an 11-ounce plastic container that provides great value for money. I assume the treats will last you a while, too.

Accepted by the VOHCNot suitable for kitties allergic to wheat
Crunchy and flavorful with unique shapes
Each treat supplies less than 1.5 calories
Cleans the teeth, offers micronutrients and freshens the breath

Purina Dentalife Dental Treats For Cats – Runner Up

Keeping your kitty’s pearlies strong and clean does not have to be a struggle, as proven by another VOHC-accepted product, which is the Purina Dentalife Dental Treats. Coming in salmon flavor, it is a sure hit among cats!

The key to these savory treats is their crunchy, porous texture. The abrasive action against the teeth helps remove plaque. At the same time, the porous texture makes it easier for your cat to penetrate the chews to make sure they reach all the way to the gum line.

Reinforced with calcium and taurine, these dental treats are among the healthiest choices out there. Likewise, it is completely free from additives and artificial preservatives. It is commendable how Purina managed to make their treats palatable.

From what we have read online, these treats are also proven-effective in making your kitty’s breath smell fresher.

Accepted by the VOHCContains corn
Features a crunchy and porous texture
Fortified with calcium and taurine
Cleans the teeth and freshens the breath

InClover Smile Daily Dental Health Cat Treats – Best For Senior Cats

It is easy to let a cat’s oral hygiene slip through the cracks because tooth brushing is almost always an inconceivable task. That is why giving your kitties dental treats, such as the In Clover Smile, would prove invaluable.

But unlike the majority of dental treats, this product does not rely on the crunchiness and abrasive texture for mechanical cleaning properties.

The InClover Smile Daily Dental Health Treats feature a blend of flavonoids, prebiotics, and green tea extract. These treats are specially formulated by biochemists to effectively inhibit the development of oral diseases. To ensure your kitty finds these chews irresistible, the manufacturer added catnip into the mix.

Completely natural and free from additives, these soft chews are free of artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors. Likewise, they do not contain grains, wheat, and soy, and so they are perfectly safe for kitties with sensitive tummies.

Formulated by biochemistsNone
Contains flavonoids, prebiotics, and green tea extract
These soft chews benefit older cats with sensitive gums
No grains, soy, and artificial ingredients

Meow Mix Brushing Bites

Treating dental conditions in your cat can lead to high veterinary bills. Prevent that from happening by giving your feline Meow Mix Brushing Bites to supplement its routine tooth brushing.

These yummies are made with real salmon, plus they are fortified with vitamin D and calcium to promote strong teeth. The crunchy ridged texture of the treats also helps clean teeth and remove plaque.

The only con you will be getting from this product is a cat that will keep begging for treats. Hence, you would have to be vigilant because your kitty will surely steal some given the opportunity.

Made with real salmonDoes not freshen the breath
Fortified with vitamin D and calcium

Wellness Kittles Crunchy Grain-Free Cat Treats

As the name hints, one of the most outstanding features of this product is its grain-free formula. Your little meat-eater doesn’t need the extra calories from treats, lest it gets obese. Each treat is less than two calories, so feel free to give your kitty some more.

Best of all, this product uses real meat to ensure it satisfies the cravings and nutritional requirements of your feline. We like that, instead of carbohydrate-rich grains, this product includes fresh fruits and vegetables.

You will not find anything artificial in these goodies. To boot, the makers of this product proudly states that these treats are exclusively manufactured in the USA.

While these treats aren’t exactly labeled as “dental treats,” many reviewers attest to their efficacy in cleaning the teeth. The Salmon & Cranberries Recipe is also a big hit in cats, so we are pretty sure your whiskered friend will be more than willing to try these and see if they indeed work.

Made with high-quality ingredientsTechnically, not “dental” treats
Supplies only 2 calories per treat
Grain-free formula
Appropriate for kittens and adults

Emerald Pet Feline Dental Treats

Is your cat’s breath smelling fishy lately? Give your kitty salmon-flavored dental treats by Emerald Pet, and notice a significant change in your feline’s oral hygiene.

These crunchy fish-shaped treats are packed with irresistible salmon flavor. The chews are rather large in size to stimulate chewing, helping massage gums and fight tartar build-up.

While the goodies are big on flavor, it is free of grains, gluten, soy, and dairy to benefit kitties with sensitive tummies. All the ingredients used are sourced in the USA.

Also, each treat is less than 2 calories. This product also comes in catnip, ocean fish, and tuna flavors.

Suitable for cats with food allergies or stomach sensitivitiesAlways hard to find because of high demand
Stimulates chewing, massages gums, and fights tartar
Only 2 calories per treat
Free of grains, gluten, soy, and dairy

Hartz Dentist’s Best Dental Cat Treats

Show your kitty some love with these heart-shaped dental treats by Hartz. These chicken-flavored treats are also ideal for kittens.

Formulated by vets, these chews DentaShield technology that works to reduce new tartar formation by bonding with certain components in your cat’s saliva. The texture of the treats also cleans your feline’s chompers and massages the gums.

Adding to that, this product is fortified with vitamins A and E.

Features DentaShield technologySome reviewers complained that the recipe isn’t as appetizing compared to others
Reinforced with vitamins A and E
Suitable for both kittens and adults

How To Pick The Best Dental Treats For Cats

The market is flooded with a plethora of oral care products, all claiming to be the best. So, how can you be sure that you are indeed getting the best dental treats for cats? There are but a few guidelines to follow.

More Than Just Fresh Breath

Do not be impressed by claims to make your kitty’s breath smell like peppermint. Needless to say, the best dental treats for cats should provide adequate cleaning.

The chews should be formulated with enzymes that eliminate bacteria that could otherwise cause tartar and plaque. A minty breath should only serve as a bonus!

The Bigger, The Better

The shape and size of the treats can help make a difference in how efficient they are at cleaning your kitty’s pearlies. Large chews are usually considered to be better, as they provide more opportunities for chewing.

Likewise, treats that are bigger in size also prevents a greedy kitty from gulping it down. But if the size of the chews frustrates a kitten, then look for something with smaller pieces that have irregular shapes.

Crunchy Texture

Treats with abrasive edges are also considered better. The rough surface of the treats can help rub against tartar without hurting the gums.

Meanwhile, the interior of each chew should be slightly porous so that the tartar will get caught in the texture when your cat sinks its teeth.

Count The Calories

The best dental treats for cats offer nutritional value, not just empty calories. Just because these chews do not comprise a large part of your cat’s diet, it does not mean they should not contribute to your cat’s health.

While treats supply a meager amount of calories, they do add up eventually. So, unless you are planning to put some weight on your cat, you want to keep the carbohydrate content of the chews to a minimum.

Flavorful Ingredients

Dental chews come in various paw-licking flavors because cats have different flavor preferences as much as we do. However, you want to make sure that the taste is due to high-quality ingredients, not because of a potpourri of additives.

Similar to choosing the best dry cat food, pondering over the list of ingredients is important to determine whether or not the chews are safe and beneficial for your cat in the long term.

Real meat is always preferable. Artificial preservatives and dyes? Never. If your feline is sensitive to grains, you may want to consider choosing a grain-free formula.

Grain-free products would be a better option. After all, our domesticated felines do not have much use for grain.


Periodontal disease is the most common dental problem in cats, which includes gingivitis and periodontitis. These conditions start out as plaque and tartar, and if ignored, they can exacerbate certain medical conditions that affect the kidney, lungs, and heart of our feline companions.

Therefore, the oral health of our pets should not be overlooked because it is just as important as keeping their other systems in optimum condition. Avoid eye-watering vet bills by taking preventative measures, and give your kitty only the best dental treats for cats.

All the products we reviewed provide stellar performance, but if the budget is tight and you only need to choose one, give the Feline Greenies Natural Dental Care Cat Treats a shot before you try the others.

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