The Best Cat Water Fountains For 2021

Have you ever wondered why cats don’t drink water as often as dogs? If so, try using any of the best cat water fountains listed below, and see what significant changes a small thing like that can do.

Our feline companions may have their delicate ways of drinking water, but your cat likely has a problem if she isn’t sipping often enough. Sometimes, the problem lies in her water dish. If your whiskered friend doesn’t have a medical issue, she may be simply dissatisfied with her water bowl. Indeed, cats can have high standards when it comes to their food and water stations.

Take note: you should not take your cat lightly. A pet refusing to drink is a common cause of dehydration, which increases the risk of kidney disease, heatstroke, and diabetes.

Catit LED Flower Water Fountain – Editor’s Pick

Garnering a 4.2/5 rating out of 12, 000 reviews, the Catit LED Flower Water Fountain is the reigning champ of all the best cat water fountains. This product is a massive hit because it caters to every cat. Is the flower bud an accessory? Nope! The cute flower top is actually a valve. Give it a little twist and lift it to increase the height of the streams. The fountain has three water flow settings so that you can choose the right speed for your quirky cat. This feature is incredibly well thought out, given that our whiskered friends drink from long streams of water.

But here’s something even more interesting – you can create bubbling streams using the white petals or cap off the bubbling to create calm streams. Know that being able to do all these maximizes oxygenation to help retain the quality of the water. Adding to that is the effectiveness of the active carbon filter in eliminating impurities. The fountain can hold around 67 fluid ounces, and there is a window to give you an idea of when to refill your cat’s bowl.

The LED lights up with a gentle glow, so you don’t have to worry if you have to leave Kitty at night. She’ll find her way! Did I mention already that the unit operates quietly, too? Lastly, we like that the fountain takes up little floor space. The unit measures 9 x 8.3 x 7.7 inches only and weighs 1.8 pounds. If blue is your least favorite color, get the apple green fountain instead. If we had any complaints, it would be the power cord that is a little on the short side.

The Bottom Line

We can’t recommend the Catit LED Flower Water Fountain highly enough for your feline companion. Although the pump is cute, it recirculates the water efficiently to ensure optimum oxygenation. The activated carbon filter also does an excellent job of eliminating chlorine, sediments, and other impurities. Therefore, it provides your beloved feline a safe source of water. Compact and whimsical, who would even think this is a cat’s water station? This unit is also easy on the pocket and exceptionally energy-efficient. What more could you ask for? However, this lovely fountain may not hold enough water if you have two cats or more.

Offers maximum customizationMay not be suitable for multi-cat homes
Equipped with an active carbon filterA large feline might knock it over
Comes with an LED and a water level indicator
Compact, affordable, and energy-efficient

iPettie Tritone Cat Water Fountain – Best For Sensitive Or Long-Haired Felines

If your beloved pet is allergic to plastic, you should switch to ceramic ASAP. The iPettie Tritone is a fabulous choice, given that it is one of the best cat water fountains in terms of filtration. This fountain boasts of a three-stage purification system. It comes equipped with an ultra-fine foam filter to capture dust and large debris, such as pet hair. Likewise, the coconut shell and activated carbon filters trap minute particles that could affect the quality of the water. The idea of having multiple filters installed is a must if you have several cats or a long-haired breed.

Thanks to its quiet operation and lotus-shaped water outlet, it looks more like a decorative piece rather than a fully functional water station. This unit has a capacity of 71 fluid ounces, which is enough to keep a cat hydrated for a couple of days. While cleaning is still a tedious chore, you should find it easier than most, given that it is ceramic. The best part is that it grants you the peace of mind, knowing that you can leave the fountain plugged in without coming home to a burnt house or an electrocuted kitty. This unit uses a CE-certified IP68 waterproof water pump. The plus is UL-certified, as well.

The three-year warranty should also give you the idea that this product is durable. Additionally, the manufacturer has claimed that the pump could last for 20,000 hours. The fountain measures 9.4 x 9.4 x 3 inches and weighs a little over six pounds. So, I doubt a bored cat can knock it off when it is full. My only beef with this product is the price.

The Bottom Line

There is more to the iPettie Tritone Cat Water Fountain than being pretty. Its most striking feature is its triple-layer filtration system. Using both chemical and mechanical systems, it prevents both large debris and minute particles from entering the water stream. This unit also has low energy consumption. Most importantly, this product carries the UL marking, which indicates that it has passed strict standards for safety, health, and environmental protection. This fountain is slightly heavy, but it is the perfect choice for cats with allergies.

Uses chemical and mechanical filters for optimum filtrationProne to crack
71-oz. water capacity
Triple-spout and lotus-like water outlet
Quiet operation, low power consumption, easy cleaning

PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Fountain – Best For Multi-Cat Households

The PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Fountain falls in the higher end of the price range because of its sleek stainless steel construction. As expected with the material used, it will last many years before needing a replacement. This unit involves lots of pieces, and so, you may need to spend several minutes trying to set it up. But once assembled, even the rowdiest of dogs couldn’t dismantle your cat’s bowl. On the downside, you have to disassemble everything when cleaning and vice versa. The pump, in particular, is a bit of a nuisance since it has many tiny parts. But at least the dish is top-rack dishwasher safe.

You should also not forget that stainless steel is the most hygienic option for our furry pals. This supersized water bowl measures 14 x 14 x 9 inches and comes with a 5.5-feet power cord, which is an excellent length. With a capacity of 128 fluid ounce, this fountain is definitely huge and heavy. Its circular space and five spouts allow many pets to drink at the same time without getting into a catfight. You can also customize the streams to suit different kitty preferences. But because a huge portion of the water is always exposed, it’s hard for a dog to miss it. Doggo might also get curious because of the pump’s humming sound.

The Bottom Line

The PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain is one of the best cat water fountains in the market because it offers unparalleled durability and versatility. True, its looks may not earn a spot in the living room, but you can be sure that your beloved felines have around-the-clock access to water. The fountain features a dual filtration system to keep your kitties’ beverage refreshing all day long. The 128-ounce capacity of this product should justify its price tag. Besides, replacement carbon filters for this model are cheaper compared to other units.

128-oz. capacityAn expensive option
360° access to waterDifficult assembly
Uses carbon and foam filters
Heavy-duty stainless steel construction

Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain

Another stainless steel fountain we recommend is the Pioneer Pet Raindrop. Unlike the other brand, this one has killer looks. With its elegant shape and sleek rose gold finish, it is the perfect fit for a modern home. The fountain comes equipped with a charcoal filter for initial setup and usage. This unit uses a universal pump and a transformer that is compatible with other Pioneer Pet drinking fountains. The UL-listed power cord is 5.5-feet long, so placement shouldn’t be an issue.

Like a small indoor fountain, the water would run down the curved notch through the top piece and falls through a curved notch between the two pieces. There is a lever so you can set the fountain bubbling or create little splashes. Either way, the pump will not make so much noise to drive your pets cuckoo. Since it is stainless steel, this product is a piece of cake to maintain. You just need to put all non-electrical parts inside the dishwasher and replace the filter every two to four weeks to ensure the freshest water. You don’t have to be an engineer to assemble/disassemble the unit for cleaning. All non-electrical parts are dishwasher-safe, so cleaning is a breeze.  

By the way, this is the Special Edition model I am talking about. If you like the design of this product, but you frown upon its price, you may opt for the ceramic or the plastic version.

The Bottom Line

The Pet Raindrop is a whisper-quiet drinking fountain by Pioneer. Even on its highest setting, the motor just gargles quietly in the background. Because of its sophisticated and ingenious design, it will blend with your décor beautifully like an indoor fountain. This unit comes equipped with a charcoal filter and a lever to customize the flow of water. Likewise, it has a good weight so that your cat won’t be able to push it around. If the stainless steel variant is out of your budget, you may choose among the plastic versions, instead.

Chic designExceptionally expensive
Free-falling water with charcoal filtration
Uses a UL-listed 5.5-ft. power cord
Dishwasher-safe bowl

Pioneer Swan Drinking Fountain

Do you want Kitty to stay out of the kitchen or bathroom sink? If your whiskered friend loves to drink straight out of the faucet, the Swan Drinking Fountain might be the right choice for you. If Kitty would only drink from a running sink, we bet she would warm up to this product right away. The fountain stimulates the same experience your cat loves. The fountain also uses a quiet motor, so it will not rattle kittens or anxious cats.

Because of its faucet-like design, senior cats that have trouble bending will also find this fountain quite attractive. Likewise, the unit comes with an adjustable flow switch on the front panel of the pump. With it, you can set it to a low setting for your old kitty. Equipped with a charcoal filter, it improves the taste and the quality of the water. When it’s time to clean the fountain, you may simply disassemble the unit and put the plastic components inside the dishwasher.

Moreover, you can choose to use the standard wall plug or USB connection for this unit. This makes the fountain more universal and allows you more flexibility for use.

The Bottom Line

If you have a faucet-loving cat, you really should acquire the Pioneer Swan Drinking Fountain. The ultra-quiet and ingenious design of this fountain benefit all pets, particularly old kitties that have a hard time drinking water. This product comes equipped with a charcoal filter to provide your pet 80 ounces of fresh drinking water

Mimics a running faucetOnly has one spout
Has an easy adjustable flow switch
Equipped with charcoal filter
Quiet operation

PetSafe Drinkwell Original Pet Drinking Fountain

The PetSafe Drinkwell Original Pet Drinking Fountain is the epitome of simplicity. Despite the lack of bells and whistles, why does this model remain a go-to product for many cat owners? First of all, this fountain is a breeze to put together and quite user-friendly, too. You only have to move the lever to the right or left to control the flow of water. The water from the chute will not splash since it has an anti-splash receiving ramp.

The product measures 9 x 11 x 7 inches and has a 50-ounce capacity. Although it doesn’t offer 360-access, the water hole is wide enough to accommodate two to three cats simultaneously since the spout is located on the vertical platform. Moreover, this model comes with a low-noise operating motor that runs on a 12-volt low voltage system. The power cord is 5.5-feet long, which is a great length. Some complained that the motor is somewhat noisy, but in most cases, it is only because the water is running low.

Personally, I don’t like plastic products for my pets, but this is an exception. This product doesn’t contain BPA and other harmful chemicals. Nonetheless, naturally, this unit will get some mineral buildup quicker than other fountains in this list, and while it is easy to clean, you might do it more often, particularly if you have two or more pets.

Nevertheless, this product is still one of the best cat water fountains because of its durable plastic construction and highly efficient carbon filtration. And you know what the best part is? The package includes a 1-month supply of these filter replacements.

The Bottom Line

The PetSafe Drinkwell Original Pet Drinking Fountain isn’t one of those flashy products that will catch your eye right away. Despite its humble appearance, it has an ingenious design that addresses many cat-related concerns. This unit also has some of the standard features of its more expensive equivalents, such as a free-falling drinking water mechanism and a fully adjustable water flow control.

Sturdy BPA-free constructionHas one chute only
50-oz. capacity
Comes equipped carbon filter
Includes free filters

How To Pick The Best Cat Water Fountain For Thirsty Kitties

Many claim they have a lineup of the best cat water fountains. The question is: how can you be sure you have picked the right choice amidst a sea of products false advertising? The key is to look closely for these attributes:


You can take a cat to water, but you can’t make it drink, especially if the bowl reeks of dirt and mineral deposits. So, what can you do about it?

Pick out any of the best cat water fountains that come equipped with a highly efficient filter. The ideal system uses activated carbon. Also known as activated charcoal, it traps debris, heavy metals, and submicron contaminants, such as bacteria and mold.

Without proper filtration, these impurities would affect the quality of your pet’s drinking water. However, you will probably have to pay a little extra for these filters. You also have to replenish the filter that comes with the unit.

Reservoir Size

A typical indoor cat requires 5 to 10 ounces of water daily, or perhaps, more if you are feeding your pet mostly kibble. Unless you want to spend a lot of time refilling the fountain, you don’t want a water reservoir that is as small as a can of soda.

All the same, you don’t want a water fountain that is far too large. While you want to put off refilling for a few days, you also don’t want the same water to circulate continually for several weeks.

Ease Of Cleaning

The longer the water stays, the greater the risk for biofilms to bloom. Know that an activated carbon filter does not kill microorganisms. Eventually, the biofilm will slough off the filter, producing unpleasant tastes and odors. Therefore, make no mistake of choosing a model that is a challenge to clean since you will be washing it frequently.


Have you ever noticed your kitty dipping its paw before taking a sip? Most cats are apprehensive of drinking from bowls, as the water could irritate their highly sensitive whiskers. That is why our skeptic pets will always dip their paw to be sure about the depth and consistency of the water.

Needless to say, Kitty wouldn’t want to dunk her head into the abysmal depths of Doggo’s water bowl. You want to be sure that the dish is shallow. Kittens and senior cats, in particular, will find it challenging to drink otherwise.

Bowl Tiers And Number Of Spouts

How many kitties do you have at home? If you have a bunch of cats, a multi-tier water fountain should work best for you since it allows two or more pets to drink simultaneously. This is also the case for a multi-spout unit. Since both types are effective, it now boils down to personal preference.


Last but not least, you want to check the durability of the product. Is the unit made of high-quality materials?

The best cat water fountains we reviewed have different constructions. Some consist of BPA-free plastic, stainless steel, and ceramic. While all of these are excellent materials, each has its pros and cons.

For instance, plastic is sturdy and lightweight but prone to scratches. Ceramic is stylish and a breeze to maintain but is heavy and liable to break when dropped. As for stainless steel, it is hypoallergenic and extremely durable, but it can be pretty expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do cats prefer to drink running water?

    Cats have a strong preference for moving water because that is what their ancestors drank in the wild. Simply put, it is their inherent nature. Since cats are attracted to moving water, you may want to cover your aquarium. Biofilm is abundant in fish tanks.

  2. Why does my cat's water fountain get slimy?

    Slime, also known as biofilm, can form rapidly between cleanings regardless if your unit has a filter or not. Fountain slime develops due to your cat's saliva, which contains sugar that serves as food for bacteria.

  3. How often do you change the water in a cat fountain?

    The frequency depends on how many cats use the fountain. Ideally, you want to change the water every week if you have one cat. You should also replace the filter every 2 to 4 weeks to prevent biofilm buildup.

  4. Can you leave a cat water fountain all the time?

    Our feline friends need around-the-clock access to fresh drinking water, so you should keep the cat water fountain plugged in. As long as you choose a quality product, your cat should be safe 24/7.

  5. Do cat fountains use a lot of electricity

    A majority of cat water fountains use the same amount of energy as a small night lamp, averaging approximately 2.5 watts per hour.

  6. What can cats drink besides water?

    Some cats love drinking cow's milk, although it isn't necessary for their nutrition. Cats have no problem digesting milk, but you don't want your cat to gain weight fast.

  7. How do you clean a cat water fountain?

    Wash the removable components in hot, sudsy water. If the items are dishwasher-safe, put them on high heat for better sterilization.


Cats are best known for their gravity-defying grace and exquisite balance, but who would have thought that would extend to their way of drinking? Since the lapping mechanism of our feline companions is a far cry to how our dogs drink, you should not force your poise kitty to share a bowl with your happy, slurping dog.

So, which among the best cat water fountains is your best bet? Although we did cherry-pick these six products, the Catit LED Flower Water Fountain is in a different league. This whimsical fountain offers an efficient water recirculation system, dual-action filtration, and multiple flow settings to suit a moody cat. If your naughty Tomcat comes home late at night and high on milk, the LED will help him find his way to his water.

Then again, it all boils down to you. As a pet parent, you know your kitty best! You may also want to consider gifting your cat an automatic feeder, especially if you are always busy and away from home.

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