The Best Cat Toothpaste For 2021

Brushing your cat’s teeth using the best cat toothpaste is the most effective method to promote oral health throughout your pet’s life.

The lack of proper preventive and therapeutic care causes plaque and tartar buildup, and as a result, it puts your darling cat at risk for periodontal disease. Currently, periodontal disease affects 70% of adult cats.

Bacterial plaque surrounds the feline teeth daily. Plaque is soft, but it hardens fast to produce tartar, which is rough in texture and difficult to remove.

The presence of bacterial plaque irritates the gum edges, causing redness and inflammation. As the inflammation increases, so does the damage. Gums may recede around a tooth, and the attachments holding the tooth are weakened.

Thankfully, you can prevent all these using the best cat toothpaste. When combined with consistency, you can provide your feline efficient plaque control.

Vetoquinol Care Enzadent Toothpaste and Fingerbrush Dental Kit, Poultry – Editor’s Pick

To reduce plaque formation, put in place a daily oral hygiene regime using Vetoquinol Care Enzadent Dental Kit. This product provides everything you need to get the ball rolling.

The Enzadent Toothpaste, which is the best cat toothpaste in the market to date, boasts of a triple enzymatic formula that does a fantastic job of polishing feline pearlies. Most importantly, it breaks down the biofilms that may have formed on the teeth to prevent bad breath and help inhibit plaque formation.

The toothpaste is non-foaming, so there is no need to rinse. Best of all, it doesn’t affect the savory poultry flavor that appeals to kitties. If your kitty does ingest some of the toothpaste, you can be at peace, knowing that the formula is non-toxic.

Another outstanding feature of this kit is its inclusion of a fine-bristled finger brush. The brush is a cinch to control, unlike a traditional toothbrush. Using the finger brush, you can conveniently brush your cat’s teeth without knocking its jaw in case your pet struggles.

Features a triple-enzyme formula to clean teeth, remove plaque, and freshen breathNone
Ideal for multiple-species households
Can be used with a regular toothbrush or the included finger brush
Poultry-flavored for cats to like

Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste, Vanilla Mint – Runner Up

Virbac is a famous and well-established brand that boasts of a long track record of providing excellent oral hygiene products. Our second best cat toothpaste, which is the Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste, is a great example of that excellency.

As the name hints, it features a dual-enzymatic formula that provides natural antibacterial action to remove plaque and prevent tartar formation. Adding to that, it helps eliminate stinky breath. Verified consumers also raved about how this particular toothpaste has made their pets’ teeth noticeably whiter and cleaner.

This high-quality toothpaste is suitable for both our feline and canine companions. If your kitty has a discerning taste, this one is for you. The toothpaste comes in five different flavors so that you can find what suits your pet best.

My only gripe is that this product tends to go bad quickly. On the bright side, it does lack foaming sulfates, the controversial fluoride, and artificial preservatives that could have extended its shelf life. Nevertheless, each tube comes in 3.2 ounces. If you use it consistently, you can make the most out of the product.

Uses a dual-enzyme formula Expires quicker than its counterparts
Suitable for multi-species households
Proven-effective to whiten teeth
Available in vanilla mint, beef, malt, poultry, and seafood

Sentry Petrodex Dental Kit For Cats, Malt Flavor – Best For Value

If you want more bang out of your buck, opt for the Sentry Petrodex Dental Kit For Cats. We recommend this product for cat owners who are looking for a whole dental package to kick things right with their pets’ oral hygiene.

This product comes with a tube of toothpaste, an angled toothbrush, and a soft finger brush. But why two brushes? Well, the regular brush is for adult cats, while the finger brush is for kittens.

The toothpaste features a patented enzymatic formula with the inclusion of hydrogen peroxide. With limited ingredients, it helps reduce plaque and prevent tartar without the need for rinsing. Besides cleaning teeth, it also freshens breath and promotes gum health.

Moreover, the product comes in a toothsome malt flavor so that cats will not have a problem getting used to their new routine. The toothpaste is void of sulfates and other ingredients that could otherwise be dangerous when ingested by your cat.

Comes with an angled brush and a finger brush Some reviewers wished the finger brush was softer for kittens and cats with sensitive gums
Features an enzymatic formula
Has a palatable malt flavor
Affordable and effective

Paws & Pals Pet Beef-Flavored Toothpaste, Plus Dental Kit

Cavities may also serve as a reservoir of infection, so it pays to brush your cat’s pearly whites every day to combat bacteria that cause tooth decay and bad breath. Similar to the products we reviewed earlier, the toothpaste features an enzymatic formula that does an exceptional job of controlling plaque to prevent tartar buildup.

This vet-approved toothpaste from Paws & Pals is also a big hit not just in dogs, but also in cats. The toothpaste comes in an irresistible beef flavor, making it highly palatable for cats.

Aside from the toothpaste, it includes a finger brush and a two-in-one toothbrush. While the finger brush makes it a breeze to clean small mouths, the dual toothbrush makes it easy to polish those hard-to-reach areas.

Includes a two-in-one toothbrush and a soft-bristled finger brushExpensive
Vet-recommended enzymatic formulaSome owners are turned off by the fact that it is made in China
Fights cavities, bad breath, and plaque
Available in beef flavors

Zymox Oratene Gel Toothpaste

Kittens may accept brushing quickly, but older kitties with sensitive gums will fare best with a gentler formula. A brushless pet toothpaste, like the Zymox Oratene Gel Toothpaste, would be a good choice.

You can apply the gel toothpaste directly to your cat’s teeth and gums. The special formulation of this toothpaste benefits cats with painful dental problems. It contains active ingredients to help clean the teeth and condition the gums.

Since it adds moisture, it is also suitable for cats with a dry mouth. Among its active ingredients is aloe vera, which helps soothe inflammation and redness.

But although the concept behind the brushless gel formulation is incredible, some reviewers find it not as effective in controlling tartar buildup.

Contains aloe vera to soothe inflammation and adds moisture to dry mouths Not as effective in the prevention of tartar
Easy application
Ideal for kittens and senior cats with sensitivities
No-rinse formula

How To Pick The Best Cat Toothpaste

The best cat toothpaste improves your cat’s dental health, helps prevent future oral problems, and is perfectly safe for your cat to use in the long term. While many toothpaste brands can fulfill the first and second requirements, most of them fall short on the third.

To find the best cat toothpaste for your kitty, be sure to follow these steps.

Stay On The Safe Side

Regardless of how effective a product is at eliminating plaque, it is not helpful if your cat faces an unhealthy tradeoff when used long-term. The best cat toothpaste should be capable of promoting your cat’s oral health without affecting other bodily functions.

To help out, here is a rundown of ingredients that are considered safe for the majority of cats.

Dicalcium Phosphate

Dicalcium Phosphate, also known as calcium hydrogen phosphate, is an alkaline salt used in cat toothpaste as a polishing agent to remove plaque. Derived from calcium, it also helps strengthens teeth.


Commonly known as ethyl alcohol and grain alcohol, it acts as an antibacterial agent in cat toothpaste. The quantity of alcohol used in the toothpaste we reviewed is completely safe.

Glucose Oxidase

Glucose oxidase is an enzyme that features natural antibacterial properties.


Silica is used in cat toothpaste for its mild abrasive qualities. It works well as a whitening and teeth cleaning agent.


Glycerine acts as a humectant that prevents the toothpaste from drying out. Likewise, it helps bind the ingredients together and provides a smooth, consistent texture. This ingredient is naturally derived from both plant and animal sources, so it is safe for your kitty in meager quantities.  

Sodium Benzoate

Sodium benzoate is not a naturally-occurring substance, but it is needed in meager amounts to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the toothpaste.

Watch Out For Harmful Ingredients

Steer away from products that contain long-winded derivatives that you can’t read, let alone pronounce. There are also common ingredients that are best avoided, such as the following.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is perfectly fine as an ingredient in odor-control cat litters because it is unlikely that cats eat it. It works great as a cleaning agent to soak up and deodorize. However, it is an inadvisable ingredient in feline dental products.

Baking soda, when ingested, can affect the potassium and sodium levels of our whiskered friends. This, in turn, might cause cardiovascular and digestive issues.


Fluoride helps in decreasing tooth decay by making enamel stronger. Teeth with strong enamel are impervious to acids produced by bacteria; thereby, reducing cavities.

But despite the benefits of fluoride-containing toothpaste brands, know that this mineral is poisonous to cats in high amounts.

Not many studies are available to support such a statement, but still, we recommend minimizing this mineral. Because unlike us, our feline companions don’t spit out their toothpaste.


Another reason why we should never use human toothpaste on our whiskered friends is due to the xylitol most brands contain. The effects of xylitol in cats include hypoglycemia, which is the abrupt decrease in blood glucose.

Consider An Enzymatic Formula

Enzymatic toothpaste brands, such as Enzadent, which is our best cat toothpaste, have mild abrasive properties to remove plaque. These products rely on biological catalysts to eliminate bacteria that cause plaque and bad breath. Depending on the formulation, you may or may not need to brush your cat’s teeth thoroughly.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean only the enzymatic kind can create a positive impact on your cat’s dental health. Some products contain an all-natural formula without abrasive qualities. But if your cat already suffers from tartar or has shown signs of gum disease, the best cat toothpaste with an enzymatic formulation is what your pet needs.

The Flavor Is Key

Ideally, if you get a young kitten familiarized to having its teeth brushed, lest you will have a stubborn adult that will fight you hammer and tongs. But with patience and persistence, even older cats will eventually allow their teeth brushed.

To make your cat like the toothpaste is winning half the battle. To make the training successful, you need to choose a toothpaste that packs flavor and aroma.


Cats are adept at concealing pain. Proud as they are, our feline companions rarely show symptoms of dental disease until the condition is in an advanced stage. So, it is best to start brushing your cat’s teeth now.

After thorough consideration, our team has identified the Vetoquinoal Care Enzadent Enzymatic Toothpaste as the best cat toothpaste. This product has garnered a positive reception over the years. It should come as no surprise since its enzymatic formula reduces bad breath and plaque to make kitty teeth sparkle again.

Now that you have found an excellent toothpaste for your kitty, you need to be determined to introducing your pet to its new routine. Likewise, make sure you are consistent with the process once your cat gets the hang of things. You may also give your feline some dental treats in between cleanings.

Lastly, you should bring your whiskered friend to the vet at least once or twice a year for a thorough dental exam. Even with the best cat toothpaste, your feline still needs professional dental cleanings.

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