The Best Cat Indoor Cages and Enclosures For 2021

In the past years, caging a cat was deemed inhumane, in fact, the only caged cats you could find were at shelters. But as times went by, modern-day pet owners have come to realize the importance of the best cat indoor cages and enclosures.

The idea behind the indoor cat cage shouldn’t be immediately discarded. Although it is recommended that cats bask their freedom inside their owner’s home, certain situations are requiring us to confine our whiskered friends to keep them safe.

Imagine what it would be like if you are gone for a business trip, and you left your cat roaming around freely. Are you sure your kitty is safe? What can you do if your whiskered friend is up to mischief?

A cage can also help encourage a kitten to use its litter box properly. If you also have multiple kitties, you can use it to protect a senior cat from young ones who want to rise up the hierarchy.

Best Cat Indoor Cages And Enclosures (Metal And Wire Cages)

MidWest Homes 3-Tier Cat Playpen

The MidWest Homes Cat Playpen boasts of heavy-duty construction comprising of 3 mm, 5 mm, and 12 mm stainless steel tubes. The bars are thick enough to provide a safe and secure enclosure for your kitty while retaining enough visibility so that she remains cognizant of her surroundings.

The cage measures 36 x 23.5 x 50.5 inches and weighs 40 lbs. While it isn’t the easiest cage to put together, you can easily move it around once assembled because it has four locking caster wheels. Likewise, the enclosure has a collapsible design so that you could swiftly stow it under the bed or in the basement when not in use.

To make the cage scratch-proof and rust-resistant, the manufacturer finished the metal framework with e-coating in satin black. All the materials used for the cage’s construction are non-toxic and eco-friendly to boot.

As you can see, the cage comes with three removable perches, each measuring 21 x 10.5 inches. These platforms are completely adjustable, and you can install them at any level, depending on you or your cat’s preference. All three tiers are sturdy enough to hold the brunt of the heaviest of cats jumping between them.

Both the top and bottom front-access doors come with latches. While it is easy for you to open each door with one hand, a cat cannot open it from inside. Likewise, each entry is wide enough for you to place or remove items. 

The MidWest Homes 3-Tier Cat Playpen also has a leak-proof tray that fixes to the base to prevent the floor from getting soiled. The manufacturer has also backed their product with a one-year warranty.

To make the deal even sweeter, you get a plush Chenille cat bed included in your purchase. You may also buy more of these beds if you need to keep more than one cat.

Heavy-duty stainless steel framework finished with e-coating for superior scratch- and rust-resistanceNot the easiest cage to assemble
Spacious with three sturdy and removable tiers
Has two wide front-access doors, four casters, a leak-proof waste tray, and a free bed
Collapsible to 5-inch height

Prevue Pet Products Premium Cat Home

The Prevue Pet Products Premium Cat Home is also one of the best cat indoor cages and enclosures, which is selling like hot pancakes today! If you can stretch your budget a little further, how about you get this one?

The Cat Home boasts of an aluminum channel construction with a black matte finish. This cage measures 43.23 x 25.25 x 63.75 inches and weighs 49 pounds. So, it is much taller than the MidWest Homes 3-Tier Cat Playpen. There is also a noticeable increase in quality.

Given the size, this indoor cat cage is ideal for providing temporary housing to a litter of large feline breeds, such as Maine Coot kittens. With up to four levels, kittens can have plenty of space to play around and still have enough room for feline facilities.

What’s more, it has rubber casters so that you can move the cage around your home as needed. You will also receive two extra-large hammocks to fit two kitties at a time. Adding to that are two lock-in platforms that you can move around or uninstall entirely as you deem fit.

The Cat Home comes with three large doors, allowing you easy access to the deluxe spaces inside. You can secure all doors with a simple two-finger locking mechanism.

Despite its large size, its configuration is an easy victory. Another strong point of the Cat Home is the “paw-friendly” bar design, which eliminates the risk of pinching when your kitty applies pressure to one of these points with their paw.

Over 5 ft. tall with up to 4 levels, making it suitable for multiple large breed kittensExpensive
Heavy-duty aluminum channel construction with a black matte finishThe doors aren’t full-width
“Paw-friendly” designNon-collapsible
Comes with two hammocks and four caster wheels

AmazonBasics 3-Tier Cat Cage – Best For Budget

Did a feral cat or stray tug your heartstrings lately? If you are looking for an affordable dwelling for your newfound friend, stop right here!

The AmazonBasics 3-Tier Cat Cage is an excellent option to help you introduce domestic life to your whiskered friend. It measures 35.8 x 22.4 x 50.6 inches and weighs 37.6 pounds. Since it arrives at your doorstep 95% assembled, you can use it right off the bat.

Moreover, this enclosure is easy to take apart and carry. The cage comes with a carry handle and thanks to its collapsible design, you can bring it with you for overnight stays or short vacations. Likewise, it has four caster wheels so that you can push the cage from one room to another when necessary.

This cage features a metal wire construction finished with a black e-coat for aesthetic appeal and superior rust resistance. With three staggered shelves, even a tiny kitten can jump from one platform to the other with ease.

Your cat will get a lot out of the space this enclosure offers. The cage also comes with two swing-open doors, so you can quickly replenish your kitty’s basic necessities.

Features a metal wire construction with an e-coat finish for rust resistanceThe bars can be bent
Comes nearly assembled and has a collapsible design
Has two swing-open doors with securely locking latches, four large caster wheels, and three ramps

IRIS 3-Tier Cat Cage

If you think the best cat indoor cages and enclosures always look black and homogenous, this three-tire wire cage by IRIS proves that you are clearly mistaken. The white bars and silver-gray perches make this indoor cat cage a perfect fit for contemporary homes.

Aside from being the prettiest cage on this list, it is also the tallest. This pen measures 24.8 x 36.6 x 70.1 inches and weighs 51.7 pounds. Additionally, this beautiful cage is made with heavy-gauge metal wire with a durable powder coat finish. It is also available in silver.

With a staggering height, your cat will probably feel he is the head honcho of the household when he is perching from the highest shelf. Although the cage only has three tiers, it remains one of the most spacious indoor cat cages in the market.

Moreover, the cage comes with three arched doors. The bottom door is wider so that you can easily fit in important items. While you can secure the doors open to let your cat roam as she please, you may also close the doors with the pin lock to ensure your kitty doesn’t break free.

While all of the best cat indoor cages and enclosures on this list come with four large caster wheels, this model, in particular, has six. Even better, the wheels have coasters that you can lock in place so that it remains stable even if two or more cats are frolicking inside.

Some fasteners securely attach the cage on the base, as well. What I like best is that the rollers provide smooth transport from hardwood floors to carpeted surfaces.

Overall, I would say that the slightly higher price tag is worth it in terms of the build quality and appearance of this cage.

Made with heavy-duty metal wire with a powder coat finishExpensive
The tallest and largest indoor cat enclosure
Provides 3 entries with pin locks and fasteners for keeping the base in place
Comes with large 6 wheels

Best Cat Indoor Cages And Enclosures (Soft-Sided Enclosures)

Parkland Pet Portable Playpen

If you can’t spend a hundred bucks on a metal enclosure, but you need one right away to foster kittens or to provide shelter to a sick kitty, the Parkland Pet Portable Playpen would be a fantastic choice.

This playpen comes in two sizes, with the medium measuring 36 x 36 x 24 inches. You can place a litter box, bowls, toys, and beddings inside the pen, and still have enough room for kittens to do whatever they please.

Like an actual tent, it is made with mesh and sturdy nylon materials. The enclosure also comes with two zippered openings. The front door can be rolled up and held by Velcro, so your kitties can freely walk in and out if you want them to.

While I don’t suggest this enclosure for long-term use, the portability offered by this enclosure is something metal cages can’t compete with. This playpen sets up in seconds, requiring no assembly.

Lightweight and portableMay not be suitable for hyperactive cats
No set-up needed
Suitable for kittens, an elderly cat, or a convalescing kitty

Necoichi Stress-Free Portable Cat Cage

If you like traveling on the road with your kitty, you might want to consider the Necoichi Stress-Free Portable Cat Cage. This adorable little mesh enclosure is practical and very easy on the pocket.

This cage measures 24.4 x 11.8 inches, making it large enough to provide temporary shelter to a pair of cats. The portable cage is also tall enough for them to walk and move around with ease.

There is no assembly needed. The pen pops instantly to give your kitties a safe place. You can roll the mesh panels for increased ventilation, too.

The wall material of the Necoichi Stress-Free Portable Cat Cage is surprisingly thick, so there is little chance that your kitties might escape. The zipper locks can also be used to prevent your cat from escaping while you are away. Furthermore, the enclosure comes with a storage bag and a double-sided waterproof fleece mat that you can remove for easy cleaning.

Lightweight and portableNot suitable for long-term use
No assembly needed
Spacious for two cats
Comes with its own a storage bag and a double-sided fleece mat

How To Pick The Best Cat Indoor Cage And Enclosures

I must emphasize early on that even the best cat indoor cages and enclosures should not be used as a permanent home for your cat. As such, you should only confine your kitty inside a pen only when you have a good reason.

So, how do you make your cat’s accommodations as comfortable as possible? The following factors evaluate what makes the best cat indoor cages and enclosures.

Choose The Appropriate Size

You wouldn’t put a Norweigan Forest cat in a playpen intended for small kittens, right? So, you may want to measure your cat first so that you can make a good guess of how large the cage should be.

Nevertheless, the pen doesn’t have to be humongous. What’s important is that you don’t restrict your kitty’s movements. Your cat must have ample space to play and lounge the day away.

And remember that you also need space for a food bowl, a water fountain, a cat bed, and a litter box.

Having Multiple Levels Is Best

The best cat indoor cages and enclosures provide plenty of vertical space for your whiskered friend to explore, and our picks make sure of that.

Since cats take comfort from heights, your kitty’s cage must have multiple levels for climbing and jumping. Doing so will minimize the stressful feeling of being confined, as well as encourage exercise.

But if you have a sick cat that has trouble climbing, it might need everything to be on one level.

Ease of Access And Cleaning

You should be able to access the cage without any struggle. There should be doors that are wide enough so that you can get a hold of your pet quickly. The better if there are smaller entries, allowing your hand to fit into it when refilling your cat’s bowls with water and food.

Another benefit of having multiple entries is that it makes cleaning easier. You want the cage to provide you easy access to the floor and panels so that you can clean up messes speedily.


The best cat indoor cages and enclosures come fitted with casters at the bottom that roll and lock so that it won’t move around if your kitty plays boisterously.

With sturdy wheels, you can push a large metal crate in a cinch if you need to move it from one room to another or when you need to hose it down outside for cleaning.

If you like also like to travel with your feline companion, you may want to consider a soft-sided enclosure in addition to a cat backpack or a cat carrier.

A portable playpen provides more space than a cat backpack or handheld carrier. Hence, you can use it as a temporary shelter for your kitty should you wish to spend your holidays somewhere with your feline companion.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Last but not least, you want to make sure the cage will last long or possibly outlive your cat. To do that, you may simply choose among the best cat indoor cages and enclosures from our list. Our top picks are made with high-quality materials, ensuring it does not fall apart and compromise your cat’s safety.


Although cats are independent, that doesn’t necessarily imply that they can take care of themselves exceptionally well. That is why sometimes we need to confine our cats to protect them from other pets and prevent them from doing crazy things during our absence.

As you can see, temporary caging is not a cruel thing. The problem arises only when you imprison your cat for no other reason but lack of time and downright irresponsibility.

With the help of the best cat indoor cages and enclosures, you can train young kittens to use their litter box, tame ferals, slowly introduce a stray to your kitties, or quarantine a pet that has shown symptoms of a disease. Many advantages will work out for you and your pet in the long run.

Of all the enclosures our team has reviewed, the MidWest Homes 3-Tier Cat Playpen reigns supreme. Its modest price tag, given the durability of the product, seals the deal! Best of all, it comes with a sturdy and ultra-plush Chenille bed to give your kitty the ultimate catnap experience.

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