About Us

PetGuided.com is your source for pet advice, tips, and guides. We’re 100% free to use and our experts are ready to help.

Pets are precious to us and we want you to take the best care of your beloved pets as well. Don’t waste money and time on inferior products and advice. We’ll do all the research required and provide up-to-date information so that you get the best products and tips.

The company behind PetGuided.com was founded in 2015 and has since grown to a staff size of over 15 people. Our digital assets help millions of readers and viewers around the world each month. We employ people who specialize in a vast array of fields and when we believed that we had the right people to help pet owners, we decided to launch PetGuided.

We strive to be your #1 choice for pet advice and tips.

Our Team

Alice Kernan

Alice is the head editor of PetGuided. She loves spending time with her cat & daily every day and considers them a part of her family like most pet owners. Alice ensures that the tips and guides on PetGuided live up to the highest standards and are free from errors.

Regina Ranada

Regina graduated with a degree in Psychology and worked in Human Resources for four years before she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian. She is interested in companion animals and wildlife medicine. She sidelines as the social media manager of her pitbull, Pablo.

Lara Jill Baylosis

Lara’s love for animals started at the age of 5 when she took care of a little injured chick. She’s now the proud fur momma of a mischievous and highly energetic Chow Chow and a supporting patron of The Philippine Animal Welfare Society.

How We Give Back To The Community

We support our community in different ways. First of all by providing you with the best advice possible for free, but also by some other means. Here are some of them.


We sponsor causes that we believe in. We believe in raising awareness for pet & animal welfare. Here are some of the causes that we support:

Best Friends Animal Society
Animal Welfare Institute


We also choose to give back to you, the community, via occasional giveaways. We want to give back to as many of you as possible so all our giveaways will have a greater amount of products instead of just one big expensive item.

That way, your chance of becoming one of the winners increases dramatically and we hop this causes more of you to join the giveaways.

How We Are Supported

We are supported by affiliate programs exclusively. This costs you absolutely nothing and does not affect the price in any way. It simply gives us a small commission whenever you make a purchase.

This helps us pay for hosting, image rights and staff and keeps our wheels running.

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